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"A state-sponsored program designed to help parents finance education expenses. Section 529 plans are administered by certain investment companies and subject to contribution requirements and investment guidelines. Withdrawals from the account are taxed at the child's tax rate, and anyone can contribute to a Section 529 plan, regardless of their income level. In most cases, the money is invested in a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Most states offer Section 529 plans. The proceeds can be used only for education withdrawals for non-educational purposes trigger taxes and a 10% penalty. The investment company administering the account will be in control of how the money is invested, and will charge an ongoing fee for its services."

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Washington State's Guaranteed Education Tuition:
Is a prepaid college tuition plan that is designed to keep pace with college tuition prices and can be used at almost any public or private college in the country.


Vorpahl Wing has a software system that can help figure out how much college may cost and factors in aspects such as age, the college of choice, and planned future investments. We can help you find a plan that fits your specific college savings needs.

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